Birds of Nyungwe National Park

Nyungwe National Park is well known as a primate destination, with chimpanzee trekking being the major attraction to the Park. However, Birds of Nyungwe National Park, has made bird watching at Nyungwe National Park, to be one of the key activities at Nyungwe National Park, attracting those who love the winged one. Nyungwe, recognized as … Read more

Bururi Valley in Nyungwe National Park

Bururi Valley

Bururi Valley in Nyungwe National Park, is one of the beautiful valleys in Nyungwe National Park that connects a number of hiking trails in the park, blessed with a number of waterfalls. Most hikers in the park, will find themselves, taking a walk past this beautiful valley, patched with thrash and thickets that is famous … Read more

Ethnographic Museum Rwanda

Ethnographic Museum  is a few kilometers a head of the Royal Kings palace museum which is found in Nyanza district, on your way to Nyungwe National Park in the southern province of Rwanda is the Ethnographic museum of Rwanda, The museum is situated 132 kilometers alongside the road as your entering into Huye town from … Read more

Huye District in Rwanda

Huye District situated in the south of Rwanda, is one of the eight districts that make up the southern province. Huye has Butare as its city also cited among the secondary cities to Kigali the capital of the country. The district is portrayed in a hilly landscape developed into a steep hilly and mountainous area … Read more

Karongi District

Karongi District

Karongi district is located in the Western province of Rwanda on the Kivu Lake shore, which gives it uniqueness to travelers. This is a place where busy minds can completely switch off, occasionally glancing up from a good book to notice the birds or the changing colors on the lake as the sun drops over … Read more

Kibeho Catholic Shrine Pilgrimage

Kibeho Catholic Shrine Pilgrimage which is also known as shrine of our lady Kibeho, is a famous isolated place nestled on a hill in a small town of Kibeho, Nyaruguru district which is found in the southern province of Rwanda, about 189 kilometers from the city of Kigali. The Place can also be reached after … Read more

Kings Palace Museum

On the road to Nyungwe National Park, 88 kilometers away from Kigali city, in Nyanza district – southern province of Rwanda, lies the beautifully crafted King’s Palace Museum. The palace represents the Rwandan traditional system of monarchy that was abolished in the early 1960’s due to colonialism. In old times this place was the residence … Read more

Muhanga district

Muhanga district

Muhanga District is listed among the eight districts that compose the southern province of the country. This part is made up of high and lower peaks, constituting the one of the best elements of the central plateau of the country. The other part of the district is on the high mountains of the Nile Congo … Read more

Murambi Genocide Memorial Site

Murambi Genocide

The Murambi Genocide memorial site is one of the six general genocide memorial grounds in Rwanda that serves to commemorate the 1994 Rwanda genocide. The memorial is located 126 kilometers from Kigali city in Nyamagabe district found in the southern province of the country as you are heading to Nyungwe National Park, the ancient primeval … Read more

Nyamagabe district

nyamagabe district

Nyamagabe  district, one of the 7 Districts  of the Southern Province of Rwanda. The district lies between the city of Butareand Rusizi the south-west of Rwanda. It also contains the eastern half of Nyungwe rain forest, a popular tourist destination, being one of the last remaining natural forest areas of Rwanda and home to chimpanzees and many other species of primates. … Read more

 Nyamasheke district

Nyamasheke district

Nyamasheke town is also the city of Nyamasheke District, one of the 7 districts composing the Western province of Rwanda. Its capital is Nyamasheke town (Kagano). Nyamasheke was originally part of the colony of German East Africa, which included what are now Burundi, Rwanda and Tanganyika. Nyamasheke’s Lake Kivu is the site of the first German … Read more

Nyanza town

Nyanza town is located in Nyanza District in the Southern Province. Nyanza town is also the provincial capital of the Province. Nyanza is a “bantu” word meaning lake, which probably refers to the small body of water created by a dam to the west of Nyanza town. The district lies between Muhanga city in the … Read more